Kindergarten: "E-I-E-I Oops!

E-I-E-I Oops!

Lost Sheep

Ham it Up

Cute Chicks

The Whole Barnyard is Singin'!


1st Grade: Flakes

Cold Snap

We're Flakes!


Nothing Special

One in a Million


2nd Grade: It's a Hit!

Play Ball

You're at Bat

Strike Zone

In a Pickle

All Stars!

RERISE: Play Ball


3rd Grade: Cantamos Americanos!

Cantamos Americanos

Imo Gal


Las Posadas

Mi Caballo Blanco


It's the Rhythm

4th Grade: Lighten Up

Lighten Up (Solo)


Crocodile Guy

Knock Knock

Lighten Up (Chorus)

Funny Funny Face

Whacky Song

A Cowboy's Lament

Carmen Banana's Song

That's Easy for You to Say


Words of Wisdom


This Show is Over

5th Grade: Celebration Songs

Go Be Awesome

Watch As We Walk on Our Way

It's Our Time

Ready to Go

The Future's Calling Us